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CTP on the Rise AGAIN!

Are CTP prices hitting your pocket?   Well get ready for another CTP Increase.

Upwards costs of insurance put pressure on everyone, and CTP is no exception. With all CTP insurers reviewing their rates as at the first of February, do you know how this will affect you?

Price increases, depending on the insurer, can be as much as $153 for rural and regional operators, and as much as $1,145 for metropolitan operators.

BusInsure has used our market knowledge and buying power to negotiate lower CTP rates for buses. Whilst even our prices have gone up, these remain significantly lower than standard market rates. Our premiums have typically only risen by $70 for our rural and regional customers, and $253 for our metropolitan customers.

So whether a small or a large operator, to ensure you are receiving the best possible rates, when your next CTP falls due for renewal make sure you either call BusInsure for a quote on 1800 084 087, or click here to submit a quote request.

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