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No Fault Excess

Do you pay an excess even when an accident is not your fault?  Well maybe you don’t have to!

Insurance policies can be confusing, knowing what you are and aren’t covered for and wading through the fine print can be daunting. Although most insurance policies are now classified as “plain English” the jargon can make it very difficult to understand when and if you need to pay an excess.

You may have heard of the term “No Fault Excess” but in layman’s terms what does it mean?

While conditions may differ slightly from insurer to insurer, generally if you are involved in an accident and the insurer agrees that the other party is totally at fault then you will not have to pay an excess. However the insurer will require the name, address and licence number of the other party as well as the registration number of the other vehicle involved before being able to waive the excess. Obviously the costs must exceed the applicable excess before an accident can even be considered a claim.

If the other party disputes who was at fault in the accident then your excess will need to be paid, but in this case, if your insurer is able to recover the costs of the accident from the other party your excess will be returned to you.

Not all insurers have “No Fault Excess”, and the terms and conditions can differ slightly between insurers who do, so please do not hesitate to contact BusInsure on 1800 084 087 or request a call back, if you would like to run through any of the benefits available under your insurance policies.

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