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NSW Bushfires

NSW has been burning, and as the smoke settles, thoughts go towards rebuilding and insurance.  

The start of 2013 will be remembered for the devastating Bushfires that occurred throughout NSW. Fuelled by record high temperatures, the devastation that has occurred will take years to rebuild and regenerate, and in many cases, never will.

With massive out of control fires spread throughout NSW; particularly hard hit were the areas surrounding Cooma, Yass, Sussex Inlet, Taracutta, Lithgow and Coonabarrabran, not even the 707 firefighters, 208 fire trucks and 78 aircraft could stop these blazes.

As at mid January, the fires had scorched over 500,000 acres of bush and grasslands, with over 49 houses lost in the Warrumbungles area, and countless farm shed, fences, vehicles and livestock.

The only good news is that there have been no lives lost in NSW, which highlights how well the emergency services have recognized and planned for the catastrophic conditions.

The insurance industry has rallied behind the scenes; most insurers have set up hotlines to help those affected, and have extra staff on hand ready to help out wherever possible.

Bushfire is covered by most standard Householders, Landlords, Comprehensive Motor Vehicle policies, and most farms policies will cover for fire to farm buildings, fences and other property.

We ask all BusInsure customers affected by the fires to contact us as soon as possible on 1800 084 087 or request a call back, so that we can manage the claim on your behalf.

Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by the bushfires, and we offer our services to anyone who needs help with their insurances.


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