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Meet your BusInsure Team – Brianna Moxham….”the CTP Queen”

Brianna Moxham joined BusInsure in October 2012 as a broking assistant, from having been a travel agent with Flight Centre. Since then, her sunny personality, efficient work and high-spirited giggles have greeted many a customer and made renewals and CTPs that much easier. BusInsure speaks to our youngest team member to find out whether she really only joined us for our access to amazingly cheap travel insurance rates.

Brianna, you’ve  recently finished some study? What was it, and what are you going to do now?  I have just completed my Certificate III in Insurance Broking & am also finishing off my Diploma of Financial Services, after which I hope to become a fully-fledged account executive in the BusInsure team.

Why Austbrokers RIS?  My sister worked for another Austbrokers office and really enjoyed it. She heard that a job had come up here and told me I absolutely had to go for it. The BusInsure division has a great reputation for being a fun team with a quality client base.

You’ve fast become a favourite point of contact with our customers. What have you enjoyed most about the bus industry? The clients, they are always happy to have a chat.

You left the travel game, but surely there’s some travel bug in there somewhere still. Where would you like to travel one day? Well I am off to Mexico and the USA (San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington DC, and New York & Las Vegas) in October/November for my honeymoon. I think the highlights of the trip would have to be New York and Mexico, although I did make sure my travel policy had a generous Kidnap & Ransom limit!

So we hear you’re getting married. Tell us about the proposal. My fiancé Mathew proposed at a lovely little Italian restaurant in Melbourne. It was a big surprise, because we’d had a trip to Tahiti earlier and he’d totally missed a prime opportunity and made me think he was never going to ask. Very cunning!   

Is your fiancé pleased to have someone sorting out the family insurance? Yes, he rides motorbikes and likes to live life to the extreme, so I spend a lot of time making sure all eventualities are covered!

When you’re not insuring buses or getting top marks in your exams, what do you do with yourself? Travelling, I love to travel. We recently went on a trip to Tahiti though another more unique adventure was to Mongolia. Great country, great people though I would give the camel cheese & horse milk a miss next time.

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