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PREMIUM FUNDING – Cash Flow Management

Start saving today……………With the continued increase in general costs of running a business, maintaining cash flow in your business is one of the prime objectives in planning for future growth.

While Insurance is a necessity of business today, Insurance premiums are often one of the largest lump sum payments most businesses face.

These payments can direct capital away from other investment areas which may be vital to the future of the business.

What is Insurance Premium Funding?

Insurance premium funding simply allows individuals and businesses to spread insurance costs over an extended period up to 12 months, although 10 months is the norm.

These are the benefits to you:

  • Available for most Business Insurance including workers compensation.
  • Working Capital – funds are retained in the business to work for you rather than a loss of funds outright from which no return is available.
  • Cash Flow – ability to regulate the spread of outgoings to a level to suit your business commitments.
  • No Additional Guarantees – security is taken over the insurance policies.  Thus no additional guarantees are required.  Assets are left free for other business needs.
  • Alternate Credit Facility – premium financing is another form of credit available to your business.
  • Tax Deduction – instalments, including interest, are tax deductible.
  • Extremely cost effective compared to paying “cash”
  • Fixed rate contracts whereby all monthly expenditures are known and set in advance.

Importantly, documentation is simple and straight forward and your involvement is quick and easy.

Don’t make the mistake of reducing your coverage to reduce costs, instead, spread your payments over monthly instalments, the advantages over traditional single up-front payments are significant

To speak with one of the BusInsure team or to see how we can help you, please call us on 1800 BusInsure (1800 287 467)

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Premium funding: retain working capital, a tax deductible fixed interest rate, no loan security cost, flexible repayment options and multiple repayment methods.