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Meet your BusInsure Team: Reuben Rose – Claims Extraordinaire

Reuben Rose joined BusInsure in April 2011 in our broking team, and moved across to our Claims department following Ian Lochtie’s retirement in June 2012. Reuben has a Diploma of Financial Services specialising in Risk Management, and his manager is still amused that a person who works in claims still answers the phone and sounds shocked that the person calling him has been in an accident.

Reuben, you started in broking. Why did you move to claims?

We’re lucky to have really great clients and I enjoyed trying to find the best cover for them, but the thing about claims is it’s the first chance to really deliver on a promise- up until that point, insurance is just another bill. Plus, there’s lots of variety and arguments to think through, and if you ask my wife, arguing is one of the things I enjoy the most!

Why BusInsure?

I worked at an insurance company with a guy called Vince who became the Broking Manager over here. He asked me three times to consider coming across, but I was nervous about the broking world; sometimes it gets a reputation for crazy hours or over-zealous sales and so on. I really like customer service, but I’m not a heaps driven sales guy. Once he introduced me to Marty and made it clear that the focus was on service, I was convinced!

You have three kids. When was the last time you slept?

2003. I think. Some days I’m convinced I operate solely on sugar and hope.

We forced you to play piano one time.

Yes, you did! At a staff retreat! Until midnight!

It was hilarious. We made you play Stairway to Heaven or you weren’t allowed to go to bed.

It’s nice to be appreciated.

When you aren’t at BusInsure, what do you do with yourself?

I run a youth group at my local church, play piano and guitar in a band, and write a blog. I like lifting weights, and in the few hours that remain in between all those other things my kids and I get up to mischief while my wife follows us with the medical kit, because she’s a woman of enormous foresight and incredible grace.

If you would like to find out a little more about Reuben or just have a chat about claims or that little incident that occurred, please do not hesitate to contact him at any time.

Email: reubenr@businsure.com.au

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