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BusNSW Conference Review

BusInsure were delighted to have been able to attend the BusNSW Conference and to see so many familiar faces at what turned out to be the perfect venue. The whole event was more memorable  than a bottle of 1959 Penfold’s Grange.  

It’s clear that there will be some challenges for our industry moving forward, as the increased governmental pressure for efficiencies and cost reductions begin to turn their attention to the Rural and Regional Bus Contracts. It was very encouraging to hear the fine work that has been done by Bus NSW in representing the industry and raising salient points that the government has accepted, and BusInsure will continue, as it always has done, providing advice to the government on up-to-date and projected insurance costs for operators in liability, comprehensive motor, and CTP green slip so that these can be properly remunerated in the contracts themselves.

Aside from excellent speakers who addressed a number of key areas for operators, events including some quality golf which Martin failed to win for us and an evening of fine music, fine food, and the Francis Burdock / Mercedes-Benz Stand Up Comedy Routine (coming soon to a pub near you) helped round out the conference and keep the tone upbeat and engaging. 

But for BusInsure, the most valuable part of these events has always been time with our clients. Insurance is not always the most intriguing subjects, but our relationship with you all and the industry has always been a key priority for us. Having a chat over a beer or meal and hearing about families, histories, travels and plans for the future as well as getting to understand operator concerns and responses to the material itself was especially enjoyable and we wanted to thank all of our clients who took the time to come and say hello and share your time with us.

Hopefully we’ll see you all at the next event! Fingers crossed and say it with me… “Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii”…

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