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Meet your BusInsure Team: Martin Roberts – Mr BusInsure!

There’s scarcely a bus industry-related event that you won’t find Martin attending, and we don’t just mean the swanky ones where a bunch of small pastries are served on a banana leaf, but also the ones where six people are sitting in the local RSL and it’s eight hundred kilometres of dust between that location and our office.

Martin’s been in the industry for over 15 years in various capacities and knows it as well as anyone could hope to claim. His car has enough kilometres travelled to get from here to the moon, and his years in relationship development have meant there’s not an industry body, insurer, or appointed authority he’s not familiar with or hasn’t talked the ear off of at least once. Businsure catches up with Martin to find out whether or not he’s actually going to come back into the office again.

So, Martin, how did you first get into the bus industry?

It was many, many, many years ago, as a Heavy Motor Fleet Underwriter for Zurich Insurance I was asked to look after a Bus Portfolio. This was my introduction to the Bus Industry, and after a short stint looking after a Truck portfolio, in 1999 I returned to the Bus Industry in a mix of Insurance Underwriting and Broking roles, which finally led me to BusInsure.

What attracted you to Austbrokers RIS and the BusInsure division?

Other than the long lunches, it was BusInsure’s dedication to the Bus Industry, a real focus to not only help the Bus Industry but to be a part of the Industry. With the combined knowledge and experience of Scott England & Matt Coleman, along with such a strong partnership with BusNSW, BusInsure was where I needed to be.

What is it about the bus industry that you’ve enjoyed the most in that time?

When you work with someone for so long they become like family, and that’s how I feel about the Bus Industry. Over the years I have forged some great friendships, and it has been a joy to be able to work so closely together, to watch both their families and business grow and be a part of the highs and the lows. The faith and trust placed in me is very humbling and I am proud to be a part of the Bus family.

You have a few catch phrases, the most well-known being “easy as that”. Is “that” really that easy?

Depends on the situation, but one thing I try to do is talk to a client long enough that I feel I understand their needs really well and then can break it down into the key areas to address. A situation that seems complicated is often much simpler when it’s dealt with in its various stages. And of course, at Businsure, we want to take as much of the pain away from our clients as possible, so I’m keen to make things as easy and simple for them as I can. Easy as that. Oh, no, I’ve done it again!

At the office Christmas party, you were given a special Secret Santa present. What was it?

I’d just come back from many weeks out on the road- I think in a whole month, I was in the office for a total of 3 days. For Christmas, someone gave me a picture of my desk in a frame that said “wish you were here”.

That’s pretty funny.

Was it you?


Sounds like it was you.

Moving on. When you’re not squeezing the best rate out of insurers or attending Bus NSW Meetings or solving complicated insurance issues, what do you do with yourself?

I try to spend as much time with my family as possible, and with three beautiful and active kids they tend to really monopolise my time. Most weekends are spent camped at some sporting field, cheering on the kids in soccer, baseball or whatever sport that’s taken their fancy. Occasionally I get to glance at the water, but I am now what you would call a “reformed Fish-aholic” (not by choice). I even pretend to play golf every now and then, as anyone who was stuck with me at a Golf day could attest. Overall it’s that Aussie lifestyle that I love – Family, Sun, Sport and the occasional Beer & BBQ thrown in there somewhere.      

If you would like to find out a little more about Martin or take advantage of his insurance wisdom and that magic that he weaves, please do not hesitate to contact him at any time.

Email:                 martinr@businsure.com.au

Phone:                0400 603 503


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