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Meet your BusInsure Team – Wendy Peters (Wicked Wendy to those who know her well)

Wendy has been with BusInsure since its inception in 1670, during the reign of King Charles II of England. Back then, buses were drawn by horses and CTP claims arose from being kicked or trodden on by a frisky Clydesdale.

Along with this inestimable wealth of knowledge gained across the centuries, Wendy brings good humour, a generic British accent, a love of Singapore, and the official title of “Office Mum”. She knows customers, their families, their distant relatives, and their motor vehicle salesmen on a first name basis. BusInsure catches up with this irreplaceable stalwart of our team and finds out why so many customers fondly refer to her as “Wicked Wendy”

When did you first start with BusInsure, and how?

It was in July 2006, and don’t you dare impugn my age. I had come from an insurance background of over 30 years, taking a break to have my two children.  When I moved from Singapore in 2000 to Australia I started work at another niche insurance broker dealing with the courier industry.  I stayed there for 6 years and then it was time for a change…Welcome to BusInsure.

You’ve been here long enough to have seen just about every change, would you share some of your memories?

Not only is my short-term memory terrible, but so is my short-term memory. I’ve seen a lot of good people come and go but reckon that Ian Lochtie from claims was our most colourful staff member. I’ve been through office moving, name changes, acquisitions, staff weddings, the lot.  It’s been great fun and wouldn’t change it for anything.

You have resolved many a crisis for many a client with a calm demeanour and a catch cry of “yes, my love?” What is your secret?

Just keep calm and carry on, as they say in England where we survived many wars and still remain a superpower.  I enjoy our clients at BusInsure and want to make sure they can trust me.  Most people will respond to a bit of banter and soft soap!

I’ve even heard Marty respond to you saying “Yes, Mum.” Why is this?

I’m a stickler for detail. If it’s going to be done, I want it in writing! On a napkin or on the back of a beer coaster aren’t good enough, Marty. But I do like neat paperwork because it means our clients’ interests are always protected, and I’d never live it down if we missed something important!

What do you have on your desk that makes people laugh?

There’s a few things. Reuben made me a certificate made out to “Saint Wendy of the BusInsure” once , I think for putting up with his terrible puns, but I think the main things would be the pictures of Archie and Tosca. Archie is a Staffy (my daughters dog that comes for slumber parties every weekend) who likes to pose and grin for the camera, and Tosca is a terrier who has made a concerted effort to dig his way to the other side of the planet via my back yard. The two pose like prima donnas.  Their photos on my screensaver and wall change on a weekly basis

You recently had an overseas adventure. Tell us about it

After 10 years I went back to the motherland to attend my nephews wedding, my dads 80th birthday and sisters 50th birthday (look out liver). This was quickly followed by a 3 day ” girlie” break in Singapore- can’t miss “the great Singapore sale”! Then back to good old Sydney and BusInsure.

Name 5 things that not many (if any) people know about you?

  1. I’m a twin, I married (and divorced) a twin whose grandfather was also a twin, but didn’t have twins but I am so wishing them on my children
  2. Back in my youth I was “Miss Toyota” south coast UK …yeah, beat that!
  3. My aunt designed for Harrods and the odd evening dress for Princess Grace of Monaco 
  4. I hate driving
  5. Any more I will take to my grave!

If you would like to find out a little more about Wendy or would just like to harass a Pom, please do not hesitate to contact her at any time.

Email:                        wendyp@businsure.com.au

Phone:                      1800BUSINSURE (1800 287 467)

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