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Gone But Not Forgotten – A tale of lost Liveries

A Visual History of Transport – Tony Finneran presents a labour of love looking back at the industry and its evolution to where we are now.

Transport may not seem like the most exciting field, but the ease with which a city can move its citizens around is directly proportionate to its success and ability to generate wealth. Since John Greenwood established the first Omnibus service in 1824 (“Omnibus” meaning “Carriage For All”) in Manchester, England, the startlingly simple idea has become the very backbone of public transport right around the globe.

Obviously, consumer needs and technological innovation forces change over time, otherwise we’d still be staring at the backsides two big Clydesdales on a daily basis rather than coasting in air-conditioned comfort. Australia has always had a robust and innovative transport system, from families who saw opportunities and founded transport companies, to bodybuilders and innovators who produced some of the best vehicles ever made.

Tony Finneran captures a pictorial history of the liveries and vehicles which have made up our transport system over the years. It includes over 170 bus companies and spans from 1948 to 2013. It also shows the evolution of individual brands and liveries up to the new TfNSW shift to a standard blue and white livery under the current contracts.

It’s a great book for anyone passionate about this key area of Australian transport, and includes plenty of Tony’s trademark humour. To order the book or to make general enquiries, email gbnfbook@gmail.com.

  Gone but not forgotten

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