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The CTP Queen Marries Her Prince Charming

A match made in heaven – Congratulations to Brianna and Matt on their recent nuptials, we would like to wish them a lifetime of happiness as they start their new journey together.

Kenny Smythe, the titular character of the short-lived Australian TV series Kenny’s World, was known to utter the following advice in regards to marriage: “Cut out the middle man, find someone you hate and buy them a house.”  Michel de Montaigne uttered “a good marriage would be between a blind wife, and a deaf husband.”

But it is without such cynicism that we celebrate our own dear Brianna Mantle (née Moxham) and her recent nuptials.

Brie is, at her core, an optimist, which I think you need to be to make any marriage work successfully. Utilizing the same organizational skills that keeps all your invoices going out on time, your policies fastidiously reviewed, and your CTPs turned around faster than a greased toddler on a tiled floor, she arranged possibly the most impressive wedding this side of 1925 with a permanent smile and not a single stabbing.

Her husband, Matt, has worked as a corporate travel agent for quite some time and was delegated the task of arranging a honeymoon so epic in its scope that it would remove our beloved Brie for 5 whole weeks for the purpose of seeing the best that America and Mexico had to offer. That division of labour- Brie to handle the stress of the wedding from start to finish, and Matt to handle the recreational side of things- should alone convince Matt that he’s on to a winner. Her vacant workstation has left a hole in our little team’s heart- partly out of jealousy- but we know she’d appreciate that we’ve saved all her work up for her return, because there’s nothing like getting back into the full pace of things after  long holiday adventure.

So far, according Facebook (tag line: “Helping Enable Stalkers Since 2005”), she has ridden a bicycle across the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, gone on trams, discovered that All You Can Eat is part bargain, part dare, and made her way across to the turquoise waters of the Maroma Riviera in Cancun. We are led to believe that even more impressive things will come, like hiring the Bumblebee Camaro like in Transformers, a cheeky wager in Vegas, and a shopping spree of galactic size in New York.

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