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You can depend on BusInsure to process your claims quickly and hassle free. We have a dedicated claims team to help you all the way along.

There are 2 simple ways to claim.

  1.  Download the relevant claim form as below, complete and forward to our office.
  2.  Complete the request a call back form below and we’ll call you to get your claim started. Alternatively please contact us on 1800 084 087 or email us at claims@businsure.com.au

Request a Call back

Motor Vehicle Claim forms

Businsure has developed a new online Electronic claim form specifically for the Bus & Coach industry which is accepted by all our major Insurers. It can be completed either Electronically or Manually.

Electronic Completion

The claim form can be completed electronically in Adobe Acrobat, however you will need to complete the accident diagram separately.  Accordingly, once completed, please save the form, print out, complete your diagram, date & sign the declaration, & once this is done, please  either;

  1. Scan and email completed claim form to claims@businsure.com.au along with any quotes, pictures or any other documentation.
  2. Fax it to our dedicated Bus & Coach claims team on (02) 9966 9604, along with any quotes, pictures or any other documentation.

Manual Completion

Please print out, complete in full, & return as above.


All Other Claims form

Use this form for all other claims.


What do I do if I have a car accident?

Check the accident scene is safe. If any person is injured or there is significant property damage, call the police immediately, and an ambulance if necessary. Ensure you collect the name, address, phone number, registration number and insurer of any third party(s) and the contact details of any witnesses.

Download the motor vehicle claim form and contact our office on 1800 287 467 to advise of the claim or lodge your claim notification online and your account manager will contact you to advise the necessary steps next steps.

What do I do if my car is stolen?

Call the police immediately, then contact our claims department on 1800 287 467.  They will advise of the necessary steps to take.

If I have an accident and the only damage is a smashed windscreen, can I have it replaced straight away?

​Yes, you can replace your damaged windscreen with an identical one. You can choose any windscreen replacement service provider.

Depending on your cover you may have to pay an excess. Contact our office on 1800 287 467 for more information.

Do I need to lodge a claim before I replace a broken window in my home?

​No, if all that has been damaged is the window you can replace this straightaway, You can choose any windscreen replacement service provider. Depending on your cover you may have to pay an excess. If the broken glass is a result of a burglary, you need to notify the police immediately. Contact our office on 1800 287 467 for more information.

What did I do if my contents are damaged or stolen?

​In the event of damage, the equipment should be taken to the place of purchase or an authorised repairer for inspection and to obtain a quotation for repair or replacement. In the event of burglary, the incident should be reported immediately to the police. Contact our office on 1800 087 084 for more information.

What are common tips for insurance claims?

​Call our office on 1800 287 467 and speak to one of our qualified staff who will help you through the process.

  • Report incidents such as burglaries, theft, personal injuries and malicious damage to your local Police.
  • Following a burglary in your home or in your car, secure the premises or vehicle against weather and further damage or incident.
  • If you believe your vehicle or motorcycle will be damaged further by driving it after an incident, call for a tow truck.
  • Never admit liability


Travel Insurance

Don’t worry while you’re enjoying holidays with family and friends – BusInsure provides travel insurance that means relaxing times.


Online Calculator

Use our Online Calculator to help you calculate the amount you need to best protect your interests...


Income Protection

Providing the Financial security needed to protect your family and lifestyle.


CTP Insure

We offer greenslips at competitive rates to both private and commercial drivers including fleets.


Pay by the month

Premium funding: retain working capital, a tax deductible fixed interest rate, no loan security cost, flexible repayment options and multiple repayment methods.