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Gone Fishin’

Fishing is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, how else can you justify a boys day out on a regular basis? It’s a great day out, a few drinks and laughs, but out on the water when something goes wrong, it really goes wrong!

What would you do?

Fishing. I used to think it was about a bunch of folks who develop patience by attuning themselves to a battle of wits between nature and mankind, the lure, the bait both a masterful trick to convince one animal to offer themselves to another. This seemed a little silly to me, because how hard is it to outsmart a fish?

But then I went fishing, and discovered it was mainly about being out of range of mobile phone reception with an Esky full of drinks and a couple of friends with a carte blanche to talk rubbish all afternoon with absolutely no repercussions. In fact, the last thing we wanted to do was actually catch a fish. That’d mean we might have to head home sooner.

In that day, the boat was our haven. Its simplicity out on the sparkling waters created a barrier against which all of life’s concerns could buffet in vain. That is, up until the day my friend hit some rocks and tore a hole in the bottom which eventually claimed the boat into the deep embrace of Davy Jones’ Locker. As we looked at the semi-submerged vessel, my friend uttered the time-honoured phrase that all mariners have said since time immemorial.

“Well, bugger,” he said. “Hope insurance covers this.”

At BusInsure we do more than just insure buses, we can also help insure your boat. Whether it be the weekend run about or houseboat.

Different levels of cover available


Most comprehensive polices on the market covers accidental loss or damage. As well as theft of the vessel and or its contents, malicious damage and transit damage for boats that are transported by the owner on a trailer.

Third Party Liability:-

Is suited to those who only need minimal level of cover and is restricted to damage and or injury that is caused to a third party. No cover is provided for the insureds own boat.

If you are going to use your boat for water skiing, wakeboarding or other inflatable towing items, you need to make sure your policy extends to cover skiing – otherwise you are not covered.

For more information or to speak with the BusInsure team, please call: 1800 BUSINSURE(1800 287 467)  click below to request a call back.

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Travel Insurance

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Income Protection

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CTP Insure

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