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Pay Online

Use our online Secure Credit Card Payment Facility below.

Other Payment Options

We offer a wide range of payment methods.

Credit card

Payment can be made by credit card in one of the following ways:

  • Use our Secure Online Payment Facility.
  • Phone 1300 017 097 for our automated payment system.
  • Phone through your credit card details to your Account Manager or Reception.
  • Please note: a 0.75% credit card surcharge will apply when paying by credit card. Visa and Mastercard only accepted.

Direct deposit

You can directly deposit the amount owing into our bank account. Please make reference to the EFT section of the Payment Options on your Invoice. This will provide the Allocated Bank details applicable to your account.


Call your bank, credit union or building society to make a payment from your cheque, savings or credit card account.

You will need your RIS tax invoice with our Biller Code and BPAY reference number to use this payment method. For more information about BPAY, visit the website or speak with your bank.

Premium funding with monthly payments

Insurance premium funding allows businesses to spread insurance costs over an extended period (up to 12 months) allowing you to maintain cashflow in your business and assisting in planning for future growth.

Insurance premiums are often one of the largest lump sum payments that can effect the cashflow of any business. Lump sum payments can force businesses to direct capital away from other investment areas which may be vital to the future of the business.

Benefits of premium funding include;

• Working capital – funds are retained in the business to work for you rather than a loss of funds outright from which no return is available.

• Cashflow – ability to regulate the spread of outgoings to a level to suit your business commitments.

• No additional guarantees – security is taken over the insurance policies. Thus no additional guarantees are required and assets are left free for other business needs.

• Alternate credit facility – premium financing is another form of credit available to your business.

• Tax deduction – instalments including interest, are tax deductible. Importantly, documentation is simple and straight forward and your involvement is quick and easy.

Contact your Account Manager to discuss this option.

In Person

Visit one of our offices and present your tax invoice to pay your premium. Cash, cheque and credit card facilities are all available.


Detach the remittance advice from the bottom of the invoice and return it together with your cheque to the RIS office noted on your invoice. Cheques should be made payable to “RIS Insurance Group”. Please do not send any cash in the mail.