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Whether you’re an owner builder or your business operates within the building and construction industry, you face a large range of insurance risks on a daily basis.

Not only are there general risks like theft of property, vehicle and machinery damage and employee injury, but also risks associated with projects you take on, which may require specialised insurance including contract works insurance, plant and equipment insurance, public and products liability.

Without the right insurance cover, your business may be left exposed to large liabilities and legal implications, plus fines or other action from regulatory bodies. Without the financial support of an insurer these proceedings can cripple even a large business.

Insurance solutions are available for residential, commercial and civil construction.

Some common construction insurance products include:

Construction insurance/owner builder insurance

Insurance for loss or damage to your buildings or equipment during construction, installation, demolition or modification including your legal liability arising from the activities. Construction insurance can also include loss of expected revenue as a result of a delay in commencing operations caused by loss or damage to property under construction.

Builders warranty insurance

Builders warranty insurance is acquired by the builder and issued to the homeowner to protect them against loss due to non-completion, defects and breach of statutory warranties by the builder. It is legally required and is only triggered if a builder dies, disappears or becomes insolvent before completing the home or fixing the defects.

Contractors plant and machinery insurance

Insurance for loss or damage to your mobile plant and equipment including cranes.



Travel Insurance

Don’t worry while you’re enjoying holidays with family and friends – BusInsure provides travel insurance that means relaxing times.


Online Calculator

Use our Online Calculator to help you calculate the amount you need to best protect your interests...


Income Protection

Providing the Financial security needed to protect your family and lifestyle.


CTP Insure

We offer greenslips at competitive rates to both private and commercial drivers including fleets.


Pay by the month

Premium funding: retain working capital, a tax deductible fixed interest rate, no loan security cost, flexible repayment options and multiple repayment methods.