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Home and contents insurances

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Your home and its contents are the most important thing you own so we’ve made it easy for you – we offer insurance products to suit your budget and your circumstances.

BusInsure can cover your home, contents, fine arts and jewellery, investment properties – we even have travel insurance for your holidays. Use our online calculator to work out how much cover you need.

House and contents insurance

Loss or damage to domestic buildings and contents including jewellery and public liability.

Prestige home and contents insurance

Loss or damage to prestige home and contents including jewellery, fine arts and public liability.

Household contents in storage insurance

Loss or damage to household goods whilst in storage facilities.

Travel insurance

Loss or damage to your family’s personal effects, including money and travel documents, medical and additional expenses incurred whilst on holidays.

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Household removal insurance

Loss or damage to household goods whilst in storage facilities.

Residential strata insurance

In addition to cover for the building and common liability, the residential strata insurance can also provide the following covers in accordance with the strata titles act: directors’ and officers’ liability, fidelity guarantee for misappropriation of strata funds and personal accident cover for voluntary workers.

Landlords insurance

Loss or damage to your investment property including your legal liability and loss of rent.

Travel Insurance

Don’t worry while you’re enjoying holidays with family and friends – BusInsure provides travel insurance that means relaxing times.


Online Calculator

Use our Online Calculator to help you calculate the amount you need to best protect your interests...


Income Protection

Providing the Financial security needed to protect your family and lifestyle.


CTP Insure

We offer greenslips at competitive rates to both private and commercial drivers including fleets.


Pay by the month

Premium funding: retain working capital, a tax deductible fixed interest rate, no loan security cost, flexible repayment options and multiple repayment methods.