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Your guide to CTP’S from the CTP Queen….

As most of us know, Green slips are essential in the daily operations of the bus and coach industry. While we know that it is a requirement that we have a green slip in place so that we are able to then go on and register our vehicles, not everyone is fully aware of who or what they actually cover and why they cost so much.

So what does a green slip cover?

In short if you are a driver at fault in a motor vehicle accident, your Green slip protects you against personal injury claims that may arise from a 3rd party such as your passenger, and other road users. Including necessary medical cost, loss of income and ability to earn an income as well as pain and suffering for more severe injuries.

What is not covered under a green slip?

Green slips do not cover damage to property or vehicles, purely 3rd party injury.

What is the MCIS levy?

The cost of your green slip also included the Medical Care and Injury Levy which covers the cost of ambulance and hospital treatment for people in NSW who are injured in motor accidents and Lifetime care and support assistance.

How do I make a claim against my CTP green slip?

Your first point of contact for making a claim against your CTP is to contact the MAA (Motor Accidents Authority on www.maa.nsw.gov.au or 1300 137 131 or feel free to contact the BusInsure team for further assistance.

For more information or to speak with the BusInsure team, please call: 1800 BUSINSURE(1800 287 467)  or click below to request a quote;


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