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Your Kids and Their Cars

Okay, so somehow they reach 17, done their 120 hours of accompanied driving tuition and they have now smugly left the RMS office having passed their driving test. Proudly clutching their newly acquired red “P’ plates, they head for the car and are ready to go!………………

Well, are you scared?  Trust me, you should be.  Your child now thinks that they know everything about driving and owning a car.  You may now consider yourself an “oldie” and you are very much surplus to requirements.  Your sole place in life now is to provide this child with the keys to the car on demand.

Having been the (very scared) parent of a new “P” plater, I had cause to sit down with a dozen or so 17-20 year old and the topic of insurance and running a car came up.  Sadly, somewhere along the way, us parents have neglected to educate our kids with the basic knowledge of running a car.

Some of these young adults I spoke with barely knew how to put fuel in the vehicle (because dad always does it – and pays), let alone know about tyre pressure, oil and water.

Most didn’t know the difference between Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance and those that had heard of Greenslips were under the impression that the Greenslip covered them for everything!  One teenager who, of course, knew everything, thought that you only paid for a Greenslip every 5 years (if only) and most had no idea that you needed not only a Pink Slip but also a Green Slip before you could renew the vehicles registration at the RMS

Then we discussed “accidents”.  Does your child know what to do in the event of an accident?  Mine does – “Call Mum”!  Do they know what information they must give, when to call the police, what information they must obtain?  Have they any idea what a policy excess is and how much it is and when it has to be paid?  Do they know that there is such a thing as “young & inexperienced” driver’s excesses in addition to the basic excess?  Boring as it is to the kids, this is information that they should both know and understand.

And then finally that dreaded late at night phone call comes “Mum, I’ve got a puncture can you help?”.  The older sibling goes to the rescue.  This call got me thinking, what if I hadn’t been at home?  First thing next morning I contacted NRMA roadservice, they have the roadside assistance market well and truly sewn up.   For a small cost your child will be safe and you sleep at night knowing that help is just a phone call away.

We all hear far too much of the tragic waste of young lives and educating the next generation of drivers is close to the hearts of the Management and staff of BusInsure

If you would like us to put together an information pack to assist with any or all of the issues raised plus any other information you can think of, please let us know and we will be only too happy to assist.

Keep your child safe and educated with the knowledge of running a car.

For more information or to speak with the BusInsure team, please call: 1800 BUSINSURE(1800 287 467)  click below to request a call back.

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